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I’m a Health + Fitness Enthusiast who likes to spend weekends working out, meeting new faces, and gushing over good coffee. Over the past decade I’ve done some cool things:

  • Got out of the military after serving 5 years in the Security Forces field.

  • Became a Licensed Massage Therapist,

  • and a Certified Health Coach,

  • …and a Certified Yoga Instructor

I spent a lot of time working on certifications on fields I thought I needed in order to be taken seriously as a wellness professional to find out I don’t wanna do any of these things indefinitely, however, I do love showcasing those women who DO!

What I love the most about being a part of the wellness industry is the connections I’ve made with so many women here in Chicago as well as online. I’m realizing now (like literally, right now, I am growing through this desire to have a million certifications) and dive into what people are already telling me I’m helping them with - and that’s providing helpful life coaching advice and creating kick-ass communities.

That’s why I started talking my ass off on my Go For it Gurl podcast, so that you can learn from my mistakes as well as what I’ve learned along the way.

  • I’ve been a 14 year old girl living on her own. I’ve dealt with racial identity issues coming from a bi-racial family.

  • I’ve learned so many lessons from my military experience and deploying to Iraq and took a stab pursuing my Dads dreams of me being a singer in ATL (and getting boo’d off the stage).

  • I’ve taken tons of classes in health and wellness and have had SO. MANY. JOBS: babysitter, lemonade stand, ice cream shop, baseball stadiums, Hooters, opened a wellness clinic, facility maintenance, natural hair care, and right now I’m I an operations position at a logistics company.

  • Amidst all of this I’ve explored various areas of health and wellness in attempts to live my best life (IMHO) the best city of the world, Chicago.

In short - I have a lot to share!

I love love love community and feeling supported, very much so because I was on my own for so long as a teenager and I know how important and valuable it’s been to my life to be a part of a community that has similar interests. This year I started hosting monthly events where the #livelygang gets together to try wellness related classes, services, and/or foods, and afterwards we have a discussion/connection session.

I believe that healthy foods/movement + inner work + community = your liveliest life.  

I don’t believe in shortcuts and quick fixes. I’m a turtle by nature: slow + steady consistency wins the race, and we can’t do it ALL alone. If you’re looking for a gang of lively ladies with active lifestyles, check out the events and come say hi on Instagram.

I love me a healthy glass of red wine (currently digging California red blends), all things dewy skin, luscious curls, and girl chat. I have meet ups every month in Chicago with the #livelygang. Also, team #BEYhiv #daBears



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