She’s Lively is a weekly podcast featuring Shera, a Certified Health Coach and Yogi, and Sarah, a Certified Health Coach and Naturopathic med student. Together these ladies give the real on current health and wellness trends to help you to live your happiest & healthiest life. Let’s put our face masks on, grab some matcha tea, & let’s get lively!


meet shera

Hey there I'm Shera (pronounced "shee-ruh"). I currently live in Chicago with my husband, Phil. I help with operations for a preventative health and wellness company by day and share wellness info as well as vent my frustrations about the same with Sarah on our podcast in between time. I'm an herbalist in bloom and share my plant-based recipes and health journey on my Instagram. 

Some Shit About Me:

  • I spent 5 years of my life as a Security Forces member in the USAF. Did I deploy? Sure did! To Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. Did I kill anyone? (Idk why people always ask this, but you'd have to listen to the podcast to find out.)
  • I was born in Japan. Don't remember much about it, but it's always cool to throw that in to sound more cultured and interesting. 
  • I'm a certified health coach and yoga instructor who pairs my plant-based meals with whiskey and wine.


    Meet Sarah

    Hey, Gorgeous! I'm Sarah. I live in sunny San Diego with my amazing husband. I'm a naturopathic medical student by day & a lifestyle blogger by night. My blog, Xo, Sarah Ellis, is where I share my thoughts on health, wellness, beauty, & how I navigate life as a busy, overwhelmed & ambitious millennial woman!

    Fun Facts About Me:

    • I have to listen to either "Formation" by Beyonce or "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars before every exam. Have to!
    • I am terrified of snakes, I can’t look at them in books, on TV, & definitely not in person. I think if i ever stumbled across one I’d drop dead instantly.
    • My favorite Starbucks drink is a Grande Americano with Toffee Nut syrup & coconut milk. Yummm!