Hey hey girl! I'm Shera, a Lively Health Coach. What is a Lively Health Coach, you might be wondering? It's someone who is dedicated to understanding her mindset, how she uses it against herself, and learns the ways she can use it to her advantage to transform into her most lively self.  

I've been into health + wellness all of my life. My Dad was into body building when I was younger, I was a cheerleader in high school, and somehow, an Air Force recruiter convinced my ass to enlist. After 4 years as a cop, I got my license as a Massage Therapist from Everest Institute in 2010. After my granddad passed having suffered from kidney failure, I was inspired to dive in deeper. I got my Health Coaching certificate from IIN in 2012 and my Yoga Teacher Certification in 2013. 


First of all... I don't believe in fairy tales and favoritism. I don't believe in weight-loss pills and potions. I don't believe that a success enchantress comes + sprinkles lucky dust on a select few they've deemed worthy, and I don't believe that yo ass is "one of those women" the health and fitness club decided to skip over because of genetics, you gotta eat yo granny's mac and cheese at the family reunion, you're not the workout type, or whatever other excuse you say to yourself. I don't believe that in order to be happy and healthy you have to sacrifice your morning coffee completely (sans le sugar) nor your glass of wine (although yes, girl, you will have to learn how to spread out the bottle because #moderation) You're not gonna find any get skinty quick tips on my site. Look chile, my name is be Shera not Iyanla: if you're looking for me to "fix" you, or sell you some shit claiming it will turn you into the next Get Bodied by J, you're in the wrong place. I can give you the tools to help you along your journey, but you've gotta use them.


Whatchu will find, are straight up simple, wholesome,  good af recipes, effective workouts, and solid info to make you think about some things and hopefully help you to conquer some of your challenges. Like starting to drink some damn water, cause, GURL, you ARE MOSTLY water. Don't write me asking me why you have headaches and can't poop and why you're so bloated and you ain't eem drinkin no damn water. Talmbout, "I had a cup of coffee and a protein shake..." *eye roll*  And don't even tell me you're drinking Gatorade and you ain't eem working out...!? 

You ain't gonna find shit here but this WERK, hunty. I'm gonna tell you to eat your veggies for more than 1 day and how to use herbs and seasonings to make them taste the opposite of cardboard. I'm gonna show you easy, effective, minimal equipment workouts you can do just about anywhere so you have zero excuses to NOT be getting it tf in, Sis! At the crib, in the gym, atcha Momma's, the airport, wherever! You will work HARD. You will complain. You will get on my nerves, your besties nerves, and on your own damn nerves! You will get OVER IT. You will SURVIVE. And, you WILL WIN. 

We'll have some real + raw convos on my podcast to talk about the stuff that happens internally as you journey towards your most lively self. Like not wanting to get out of the bed because you feel like you have so much to do and not enough time. Procrastinating on your workouts cause you didn't eat lunch, you forgot to deep condition, you got stuck in traffic, you decided watching Insecure was a better idea, etc. We're gonna talk about overcoming the feelings of defeat you WILL FEEL, (that I've found most confuse with IMPATIENCE) and what to do when you have zero motivation so that you stay on track and begin to recognize who tf you really are - a mf badass lively woman!



    Side effects from kickin' it with me include:

    • creating healthy eating habits
    • getting clear on your healthy lifestyle goals and growing the confidence to conquer them
    • breaking unhealthy thinking patterns that are holding you back from becoming your best self
    • random dance parties in yo bathroom, kitchen, and car because happiness, bruh. For no reason because ALL of the reasons. 
    • *in my Rihanna voice* werk werk werk werk werk werk

    Thanks again for stopping by. I hope to provide some level of value to your health + wellness journey, no matter how big or small, that moves you closer to your lively. If you have any suggestions or simply want to say hi, don't hesitate to shoot me a note at shera@sheslively.com. I writes BACK! 


    the real party is over on Instagram. come say hi! 

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