The Lively 30 is a program I developed to address the yo-yo dieting phenomenon. Many women try various diets from juice cleanses, water fasting, waist trainers, and a variety of supplements to get a flatter tummy and a smaller waist to hip ratio. One of the problems with these methods is that they don’t address the underlying issues that cause the yo-yo cycle: lack of information and a disconnect from the inner self.

I believe that In order for a woman to reach her optimum health and wellness, she has to have three things: the courage to turn within and face her fears, the patience to work through her insecurities, and the to the tools and guidance to connect mind, body, and spirit to not only lose physical weight, but the mental weight that plays a key role to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  

There are three elements that make up The Lively 30:

FUEL: Fuel teaches women how to properly fuel their bodies with nourishing, tasty ass foods. All meals are plant-based and customized, so if you enjoy meats, you will have the option to choose meals with those ingredients.

FIT: Fit addresses the physical body, providing workouts that trim fat, enhance natural curves, and build strength and endurance.

SOUL: Soul provides tools that help you tap into your inner world to find your power. All you need is within you, and Soul aims to help you find it, and amplify it so that you create the happy and healthy life you desire, and deserve.

Before The Lively 30, I worked with clients focusing on one element at a time, either doing meal plans, workout routines, or life coaching. No matter which element I was working on with a client, our conversations inevitably touched on all three: the food we eat (Fuel), our physical fitness (Fit), and how we handle challenges in life (Soul). I developed The Lively 30 to address all three, as health and wellness is more than workouts, food, and positive quotes. True health and wellness comes from a balanced mind, body, and spirit connection. The Lively 30 seeks to connect all three.

My program is about reconnecting with yourself to discover how to properly how to fuel your body, define your fit, to find your power. Not only will you learn how to nourish your body and getcho sexy on, you’ll also gain valuable insight to your mental habits and thoughts that are keeping you from becoming your best self as well as the tools needed to overcome.

Who is The Lively 30 for?

This program is for the woman who knows she has more to offer herself and the world, but she isn’t sure how to fit the pieces to gether quite yet. She has fire in her soul, a healthy level of self-awareness, and is tired of her own excuses holding her back. She is smart, creative, and genuine. She knows she has what it takes to tap into her inner power, but hasn’t quite figured out how. She wants to workout, get healthy, and have a great time doing it to that it ACTUALLY becomes a part of her lifestyle, not just a 30 day challenge.

She wants to enjoy the pleasure life offers and not be crucified for having a little wine or a pastry with her coffee here and there. She know deep down that she can have it all: a healthy lifestyle, career, amazingly delicious and satisfying diet, and feel confident in a swimsuit at the SAME DAMN TIME.

She understands that life is meant to be enjoyed, and she understands that it takes real effort, and she’s ready to put in the work to create the balance she desires. She’s coachable and would love to have someone help her find her unique way to balance it all.

What’s included in The Lively 30?

The Lively 30 includes:


  • Customized plant-based Fuel plans
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • In-Home cooking session
  • Fuel + Fit + Soul Binder with Informational Handouts + Worksheets


  • (12) 50min customized Fit sessions (3 per week)
  • Fuel + Fit + Soul Binder with Informational Handouts + Worksheets


  • (4) 50min Soul sessions (1 per week)
  • Fuel + Fit + Soul Binder with Informational Handouts + Worksheets


  • Goodie Bags + Gifts
  • Discounts on health foods, restaurants, and workout gear..
  • Text and e-mail support M-F 9-5pm CST.


How much does The Lively 30 cost?

Please email for program cost information.

How long is The Lively 30?

The Program lasts 30 days, regardless of the date you start on during the month. All appointments are scheduled as much as possible within the allotted duration of the program, however, holidays and special events are taken into consideration. 

Do you take credit cards?

All payments go through Paypal who accepts most major credit cards. 

Can I do The Lively 30 with a friend?

The Lively 30 is set up to be done on a one-on-one basis, however, if you and a friend want to go through the program together, you can do so, but you will have your own individualized sessions, and you can discuss your experiences together outside of our sessions.  

Can I do The Lively 30 Online?

Currently, I am only accepting in-person clients. I am creating an online version. Sign up here to be notified when it's available. 

What if I just want training sessions or nutrition sessions? Do I have to do the whole program?

At this time I am only offering my program as a whole. I do offer a free Fit in the Park class each week, post fitness and health content on my IG page and Pinterest. My meal plan service can be purchased separately from The Lively 30. 

Have additional questions? Drop me a line at Spaces are limited as I can only take on a certain amount of clients each month to maintain the quality of my program. If no slots are currently available, I'm happy to add you to my waiting list for the following month.