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The Best Hummus - I actually prefer her Classic Hummus (p.88) recipe from The Oh She Glows Cookbook (her first), however, this is the one she shares on her website.  Def check out her book for the classic version when you can! 


Simple 7 Green Smoothie Challenge - I love a free challenge and this is one I've recommended to coaching clients that's easy and helps you to kick start you health journey by getting in a ton of fresh fruits and veggies a day in one meal. 

Whole30 Program - this is a dope program for folks who want to get serious about cleaning up their diet by eating whole foods and organic lean meats.

Plant-Based Power Up Challenge - this is an all freggie program (zero animal products whatsoever) loaded with weekly recipes as well as workouts for those interested in pursuing an all-plant diet. I primarily participate in this challenge over any others as I am the Fit and Thick Ambassador for the Chicago area. 


You Are What you Say Yes To. This article talks about how the actions we say "yes" to, whether consciously or unconsciously, make us who we are. Some of my favorite clips from this article are:

  • "No matter how dark or conflicted your past, it can absolutely be transformed. As you change, the meaning of your past changes — as does the memory of it."
  • "Saying yes isn’t free." 
  • “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” — Warren Buffett

Pieces that really hit home for me:

  • "Your past can be redeemed by positive future decisions." 
  • “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.” — Jim Collins, Good to Great (#Bruh!?)