Hiya there, I’m Shera, and I’m an Integrative Health Coach who helps women eat well and get fit. My journey starts back in Harrisburg, PA as a daughter of a Waitress who wasn’t really all into fitness, and a Navy Seaman, who was the exact opposite! They were a match made in heaven, those two!  


While my father introduced me to health and fitness with his body-building obsession back in the early 90’ (Tupac fan), I got passionate about it when my grandfather passed away from kidney failure. At the time I was coming to end of my enlistment in the military, and was learning about holistic methods and how foods have the power to heal as I was having some digestive issues.  


The last time I saw him alive, he, my grandmother, my husband, and I were talking over dinner. I asked him to hang on and that I was going to help him to heal and recover. I took him to see a Naturopathic doctor while there and he was prescribed some foods and vitamins. I knew he was very sick, but I had hope.


Three months later, he passed away.


When I went back for his funeral, I looked in the vitamin bottles and I saw that he was taking them every single day. He had even worked out, the old whipper snapper! *lol* Idk how he managed to do that because of how frail and sick he was, but to know that he TRIED gave me and STILL gives me the motivation to help others not go through what he did.


After completing my enlistment, I went on to earn my license as a Massage Therapist (Everest Institute, 2010), and certifications as an Integrative Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2013) and Yoga Instructor (CorePower Yoga, 2014).


Over the past 4 years I’ve helped myself as well as other women transform their perspective on what eating well looks like (nothing like your family reunion’s iceberg lettuce and tomato salads with Kraft Italian dressing), and achieve healthier, happier lives.

My mission is to help you help you to avoid preventable illness by showing you that eating well and staying fit is more attainable than you may think.

So, you ready to get started?

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I look forward to helping you CRUSH your goals!

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