Custom Meal Plan (1 Year)

Custom Meal Plan (1 Year)


After a year and a half of looking for the right partner to address my clients main issues with eating and preparing healthy, tasty, easy, time saving meals (too expensive, too time consuming, food tastes like cardboard, recipes are too complex), I decided on PlateJoy as one the best solutions.

Here are the things I love most about PlateJoy:

There are a variety of eating styles the meals can accommodate to include:

  • Paleo

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Keto

  • Low carb

  • Gluten-free

  • Pre-diebetic

  • Weight Loss

  • Quick + Easy Meals

  • Kid Friendly

The meal plans consider friends + family. Eating is something that connects us and is a huge part of celebrating events, holidays, and being alive quite frankly. It should be something we enjoy, not loathe. All of the joy around eating shouldn’t be lost because you’re on a journey to live yo best life. Bring new healthy dishes to your family + friends. With PlateJoy you have the option to choose how many people you want to cook for. You can adjust portions for each person as well based on their unique needs.

Cost - effective. These plans allow me to offer healthy eating options for an entire year at a great price! Meal plans can get expensive and meal prep can get confusing. With my PlateJoy meal plans you’ll have the opportunity to eat heathy meals at a great cost and have all of the instructions laid out for you, step-by-step.

Develop real lasting lively habits. The meal plans are a year long giving you a higher probability of long-term success. Have you ever done a 30 day challenge and found yourself lost on what to eat afterwards? With my meal plans you’ll be set for a year - plenty of time to experiment, learn new cooking methods as well as get into a groove of what works best for you and your family. While exercise is important, you can’t outwork a bad diet! My hope is that this tool help you to get right in the kitchen to create lasting, lively eating habits.

Convenience. I live in the city of Chicago and do not have a car. I appreciate delivery (ESPECIALLY in the winters). This option also saves me so much time. I can legit build my meals and click a button and not have to think about it again until its cooking time!

Create. Lastly, I can add in my own recipes! I do like to cook and create my own dishes as well as trying recipes from other foodies. With PlateJoy I can enter my favorite recipes into my profile so that I can add them to my weekly meal plans.

Why not purchase from PlateJoy?

I offer the plans at a more affordable rate. A year membership through PlateJoy is $99 and a 6 month membership is $69. I offer the plan at $79 per year (or 6.50 per month), or less if there is a sale going on. I do not offer 6 month meal plans at this time. You also get access to me to help you with your account as well as any questions you might have about which plan to choose based on your goals.

After you purchase:

Once you purchase your plan, you will receive your unique secret password to create + access your account. To access your account, please go back onto the site, and under the “SHOP” tab, click on “MEAL PLAN PORTAL” and follow the prompts to set up your account and enter the password where prompted.

Things to note.

If you choose the “weight loss” meal plan, you can calculate your daily caloric intake using the calorie calculator. PlateJoy shows the nutrition information for each meal so you can exercise portion control to ensure you’re hitting your weight-loss or weigh-gain goals.

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