Podcast Show Notes: EP5. Tips to Get Motivated to Crush Your Goals

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1. Get into action! Stop wasting time wondering why you’re not motivated and GET MOVING.

2. Get real. Motivation doesn’t equal happy and chipper all the time. Get real clear on not just your goal, but at least the initial step you’ll take to get started. 

3. Know the Strengths of Your Circle. Who’s the friend you can eat clean with? Who’s the friend you can have a cheat meal with? Who’s the friend that’s always ready for a sweat sesh!? Know who to call and when to call them!

4. Reconnect with your inner self. Are you really doing the things necessary to reach your goals or are you off track? Reconnect to regain clarity.

5. Create a nurturing environment. You are a product of your environment. Create on that encourages and promotes the habits necessary for success.

My fav positive podcasts

Myleik Teele Podcast

Tony Robbins Podcast 

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Will Smith YT

Motivational Books

Get Your Sh*t together by Sarah Knight

Crush It by GaryVee (Audible)

The Bullet Journal



Get Lively Now Action Item: Choose 1 of these tips + tell me why it resonates with you. How will you use this tip the next time you don’t feel motivated? Tell me in the comments below!


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