The Slept On Essential Oil for Hyperpigmentation + Scarring You MUST Try

While I’ve used a variety of essential oils over the years, recently I’ve been battling bouts of adult acne that have left me with scars and discoloration on my face. Although I’ve had vetiver (also known as thus or thus khus or khus khus in areas where it’s indigenously grown: India, Haiti, and the Philippines), I was sleeping on it’s benefits and was happy I took a sec to pull out my good ol’ aromatherapy book to check out the benefits of what I already had in by bathroom. 

I was surprised to learn more about the plant and it’s amazing benefits to help with scarring, stretch marks, as well as it’s stress relieving and calming affects. I knew vetiver was dope, but I am absolutely sold after reviewing over this gem of a plant. 

What is Vetiver?

The oil is extracted primarily via distillation (essentially steaming the plant to release the oils within the plant). It’s a perennial plant (meaning it grows back each year) It’s a thick + rich amber stained oil, thicker than what you may be used too with essential oils, and smells like damp marshlands, rich soil, and wood. I love sweet earthy smells - this is how vetiver ended up in my cabinet initially. The grasses can grow to be 6 feet tall and live for 50 years, which says a lot of the heartiness of this plant and how it can extend these same benefits to us. 

Hyperpigmentation + Scar Repair

Vetiver contains a compounds called cicatrisants. Cicatrisant means skin-healing, wound-healing, or skin regenerative. This compound is what helps the skin to erase dark marks that can be left behind from acne and hyperpigmentation leaving behind healthy new skin cells as well as evening out discoloration. 

Mix a drop or two into your favorite moisturizer to help heal scars or, use my DYI recipe below.  Use alone over scars for a more aggressive treatment (do a spot test on your wrist first to be sure you do not have any allergic reactions, although vetiver is considered a safe and gentle oil for the skin.)

Stretch Mark Eraser

Due to vetiver being a cicatrisant oil, its regenerative properties help with skin repair and turnover, helping to smooth out stretch marks making it a desirable oil for new moms or momma-to-be’s. Vetiver is a safe oil to use during pregnancy when properly dilutes. (Check out the article in the Resources below for more info on safe essential oils for pregnancy.)

Mix about 4 - 5 drops into about 6 oz. of apricot or almond oil and massage into skin to help with stretch marks. 

Anti-inflammatory and Calming

Vetiver is also a soothing oil with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Mix about 4 - 5 drops into about 6 oz . of your favorite carrier oil (I like jojoba oil as it mimics the skins natural sebum) to use as a pre moisturizer on the skin (face and/or body) before bed. 


My DIY Moisturizing Refreshening Mist

I’ve been making this mist for years, however, I recently started using vetiver in it (before I was using lavender), to help with scarring. 

  • 1 glass spray bottle

    1. 1 tsp vegetable glycerine

    2. 6 oz filtered or spring water

    3. 1 drop vetiver oil

Shake up all ingredients together and use as pre-moisturizer, to set makeup, or mid-day for a quick and calming refresh. 



Share some of your favorite natural remedies for scarring below

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