Hydrate Your Fall Curls with *THIS* DIY Moisturizing Herbal Oil

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On my way to work yesterday, I was slightly startled by crunching action under my shoes. I’d stepped on a leaf half yellow, half dried and brown. Fall is definitely in the air here in Chicago. While I’m slightly sad to know the days will soon be shorter and the darkness a bit longer, I also have a love for cozy sweaters, dirty hot chocolates (hot chocolate with a shot of espresso), cleansing rituals, and losing myself in all of the holiday festivities the city has to offer.

Along with pumpkin lattes and apple crisp everything, for us curls it means drier curls! Last fall season, I started to concoct my own herbal infused hair oil and I must say - it works rather well! I say this not having using any conditioner for the time I’ve been growing my hair out which was last October. After some experimentation, I found conditioner to be the culprit for my irritated and flaky scalp, so I started doing oil rinses in an attempt to keep my hair moisturized through the cold seasons.

Here is the method I’ve been doing as well as a version of the herbal oil mix I’ve been using to hydrate my curls, heal my scalp, and aid in hair growth:

The Mix:

1/2 cup sweet almond oil - nourishes + strengthens hair as well as repairs damage and promotes growth

5 drops rosemary oil - increases circulation on the scalp, heals dandruff, and prevents premature graying (although I am loving on my grays)

5 drops lemon or lemongrass oil - treats scalp inflammation and repairs the hair follicles

5 drops lavender - adds antioxidants to hair, treats itchy and flaky scalp, and deep conditions the hair. Bonus - smells amazing with the lemongrass and vetiver oils!

1 drop of vetiver - this is the “real deal” oil for clearing up + calming irritated and inflamed scalp issues

Give everything a gentle shake and put to side.

*If you have longer hair - double the recipe as needed.

How to:

With a spray bottle, thoroughly mist the hair. You want the hair to be a slightly damp to help with ease of application, but mostly dry. You want the oil to get into the strands. If the hair is wet or soaking wet, will limit this as oil and water don’t mix. and massage throughout the hair.

Massage through the scalp, and rub into the hair thoroughly. This process takes me about 10 minutes. I’m an ex-massage therapist, so I know a thing or two about the benefits of massage like blank, blank, and blank. I like to get the ears, the neck, as well as the areas of the shoulders I can reach. If you know the oil you’re using doesn’t break you out, you can get some extra credit massaging the forehead and temples.

Cover with a shower cap and leave sit for at lease 30 minutes, up to 2 hours. For the most part I will do this on a Sunday and leave the oil in my hair while I meal prep, clean, grocery shop, etc.


Do this routine once per week for your most hydrated curls or at least once per month. Since I’ve been doing this for a while, my hair seems to hold moisture for longer periods, so I do this about twice per month now.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Lively BeautyShera Lee