Podcast: Motivation Versus Discipline - Stop Being a Punk Ass So You Can Hit Your Goals

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Movement: Hip Thrust

  • Frequency: 5 sets of 15 reps with 60 sec break in between.

  • Form en tings: shouders flat on mat, string on front side of each hip pulling you up squeezing cheeks and pause at the top before lowering back down and going straight back up.

  • Benefits: shapes and strengthens the body which can help to reduce back pain. It also strengthens and tones the lower back as well as helps with posture.

Show Notes

Motivation is a feeling, and like any feeling - sadness, happiness, indecisiveness, confusion, it is temporary. if you think you need to feel positive and happy and good in order to reach your goals is setting yourself up to fail. It’s not realistic. Feeling good 100% of the time simply will not happen for most of us if anyone. This is not to say you can’t capitalize off of your temporary motivational high - please do! I read an article called “Screw Motivation, What You Need is Discipline” by a guy names Zbyhnev. In so many words he writes we are living in a fantasy thinking that we should only be doing things we feel like doing. We’re asking ourselves, “How to I get myself to feel like doing the what I have rationally decided to do?”

The question we should be asking is (and I paraphrase), is:

“How do I get myself to do the shit I said I’m gonna do without actin like a lil punk ass hoe about it?”

Developing Your Discipline Muscles

  • Start small! the mind doesn’t like change. It is literally a command center and has a lot of shit to process each day so when we want to change up the program, we have to be strategic and hit it with a flank instead of head on. Instead of cutting out all meat try cutting out half, then half that amount, and so on until you’ve fully incorporated the amount of veggies you feel are good for you. Instead of 60lbs in 30 days try losing 1-2 lbs per week (which is the healthy amount). You can download my Goal Crushing Sheets to help you to strategize your goals.

  • Schedule in the time. In your calendar, your planner, or whatever system works for you!

  • Be consistent + stick to your plan! I have these as two different steps in the podcast, but they’re the basically the same. Be serious about your time and commit to your goals no matter your feelings. When you don’t wanna do a thing is when you need to do it the most in order to build up you discipline muscles.


Article: “Screw Motivation, What You Need is Discipline” by Zbyhnev

Article: “Motivation vs Discipline” by Wilson Wang

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Shera Lee