Fit + Thick Chicago Meetup Recap (Our 1st Event!)

Fellow Chicago Fit + Thick Ambassador Daniela and myself held our first Fit and Thick Meetup last weekend on Nov 4th. Honestly, it’s crazy that it was only week ago because I feel like an entire month has passed and I’m ready for the next!

So what is Fit and Thick? Fit and Thick is a body positive movement empowering women of all shapes and sizes to define their fitness and to embrace the journey along the way. The brand offers a variety of tools to help women achieve this via the workout app, blog posts, motivating challenges (like the plant-based power up going down NOW (and the meal plan is $5 for all of November with app purchase, as well as the 28 day JUMP program coming in Jan - sign up!!!) The best part about F+T is it’s community, which I am excited to be a part of!

Ok, lemme me rewind a little and give you some of the tea on how the meet ups even came about: I’ve been an ambassador for the movement for over 2 years now. I started following Nicole on IG initially because she was fine as hell and she was thigh and booty goals. What got me interested in the movement, was her outlook on health and wellness. Back then she was somewhere in between counting macros and becoming plant-based. At the time I was “almost vegan”, (I was still having some cheese and dairy every now and then. These days I’m living a plant-based flexitarian lifestyle, more on that later). I was interested to see how she would maintain her aesthetic removing the animal products from her diet. As I hung around during her transition, I would listen to her videos and I liked what she was about: empowering women to define their own fitness no matter what shape, size, or color you are. It was refreshing - here you have this gorgeous woman with the smallest waist and thickest booty and thighs saying hey - my lifestyle isn’t for everyone, however, you are still worthy, you are still beautiful, and here are the tools you need to define your fitness, AND tone them thighs and booty at the same damn time!


Fast-forward, here I am two years later, still evolving with and digging the movement. Nicole came to the Chicago and LA ambassadors with the idea to start meet ups in our city (with plans to eventually expand out to other cities so if we’re not where you are yet - we will be there soon! Let me know where you want to see a F+T meetup at!)

Of course we were all like, hells to the yea, and we pulled together and made it happen! In case you weren’t able to come, here are the highlights:

We got rained out so instead of hitting the workout, we sipped on coffee at Kristoffer’s Cake & Bakery over on Halsted and got to know one another. We introduced ourselves, shared where we are from, and talked about what drew us to the movement. It was amazing to hear the ladies shares about insecurities and overcoming those feelings. The common thread shared between all of us was the community. Ugh, so good y’all. It was so. GOOD!

The meet up lasted an hour and we cut everyone loose with an IG exchange plus hugs + loves, and then instagrammed our asses off. lol.

Altogether 6 beauties braved the cold and rainy Chicago weather to come kick it with us and we so appreciated it! I left the event with all of the warm + fuzzies and am PUMPED to be a part of this movement. I cannot WAIT for the next one!

Check for new events here.

(From back to front, and left to right) Maria, Michelle and the adorable Adrian, Cecilia, Jamie, Martha, myself, Jen, and Daniela. // Follow the meet ups on IG:  #fitandthickmeetups  P.S. Ain’t we cute!?

(From back to front, and left to right) Maria, Michelle and the adorable Adrian, Cecilia, Jamie, Martha, myself, Jen, and Daniela. // Follow the meet ups on IG: #fitandthickmeetups P.S. Ain’t we cute!?

Why do you think Chicago needs a health and wellness community like this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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