Podcast Show Notes: EP4. Find + Follow Your Inner Voice


When it comes to facing tough decisions or dealing with complex emotions, people say it all the time :

“Follow your voice.”

While it’s definitely great advice, what does it mean if you’re unsure of what your voice sounds like? Check out this podcast go gain more clarity on how to identify your inner voice so that you can start taking your own advice.

What your inner voice is not

  1. Any thoughts/sounds/feelings that do not aid in positive improvement. .

  2. You are not your thoughts. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean t is who you are.

  3. Your inner voice is never confused.

  4. Most likely you won’t hear your voice 24/7. Record the times/experiences where you undoubtedly hear your voice. Use this tool when you feel lost, confused, or need a boost.

if the voice in your mind
is not building you up,
release it. 
It's not yours. 

3 questions to identify your inner voice

  1. What makes you overwhelmed with emotion into ACTION. This is different from being in awe of someone’s talent/skills. You should feel compelled to act.

  2. What obstacles continuously show up in your life? Great read (or audible): The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

  3. What are people always asking you for although you may feel you don’t fit the job qualifications or, you may feel uncomfortable stepping into the role. Just because you can’t connect the dots and see how it may help you to move forward, you never know how the Universe is working in your favor. Give it a go before closing the door.

    Get Lively Now Actionable: Can you describe an experience you had or still have where the voice you hear is not your own? Share below!


Shera Lee