About Me 

I’m a Health + Fitness Coach who specializes in helping clients uncover their goals, the motives behind them, and a plan to execute. I live for pushing my clients past their comfort zones and seeing their faces light up once they begin to see physical changes in their bodies.

I’m really good at helping my clients:

  • Plan + execute goals.

  • Restore gut health through teaching on how to optimize digestion to better absorb nutrients to boost energy levels, reduce bloat, gas, and other digestive discomforts for overall wellness.

  • Period pain management.

  • Adopt a plant-based diet (or adding more whole foods into the diet for improved health).

My background

I was a cheerleader in in middle and high school and am a United States Air Force Veteran having served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 2010: I received my license as a Massage Therapist from Everest Institute in 2010, my Health Coaching certificate from IIN in 2012, and my Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Yoga in 2013. I’m currently pursuing her Personal Trainer certification from NASM.

I believe if you consistently provide healthy fuel for the body + a consistent fitness routine + mind and soul work = you’ll create the vibrant lively lifestyle you desire.  

I don’t believe in shortcuts and quick fixes. I’m a turtle by nature: slow + steady consistency wins the race.

True health and wellness is a mental state - I explore the various emotional and psychological pieces of health and fitness in my She's Lively podcast.

I love me a good audio/regular ass book, all things natural hair + green beauty, and am aChicago Fit and Thick Ambassador. We have meet ups every month in Chicago. Also, team #BEYhiv.



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Shera Lee


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